So so confused so confused

So I’m watching Dylan Israel on youtube and he is doing something I have never seen or be taught installing react and npm idk what are we supposed to be doing here

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Challenge: Build a Markdown Previewer

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With the frontend libraries section, FCC teaches you how to use them by giving you example tests against something installed on FCC’s platform.

It’s outside the scope of that part of the course to teach you how to set up a dev environment – install a text editor, use a terminal, install Node, use NPM, install packages, compile packages.

In real life, you don’t work on Codepen or in some web editor with preinstalled libraries, you have to put this stuff on your computer. This is stuff that you need to go out and learn here, FCC lets you dip your toes in, but in the frontend section, it’s giving you exposure to language and frameworks with those things already set up.

In the video, the guy is working locally, installing the required libraries in his system. He’s assuming you know how this works. Almost every tutorial and article online assumes this, every readme for a library, etc – you’ve been at this for a while now, you must have seen this mentioned many times before surely?

I don’t even know what is Markdown . this is not what i wanted. I don’t want to dip my toes i want to learn to code. but instead, are we a laugh?

and why is there no html in the sample

and how do you import

an another thing what is $ for

Markdown is (for example) what is used on the FCC forum to allow formatting in the posts, eg

If I type

# this is an h1

I get

this is an h1

If I type

`here is some code`

I get

here is some code

You surely could have asked Google for an example of what Markdown is. It is not obscure.

You can’t get spoonfed every single thing. The challenge is create a UI that takes markdown and generates HTML. If you don’t know what markdown is you will get very good explanations if you just do a basic search

Yes, I understand why that might be confusing. It’s using HAML, which is an HTML templating engine (used generally with Ruby on Rails, was quite popular when CodePen first appeared). This


Converts to

<div id="app"></app>

If you click the little drop-down in the HTML tab it’ll give you an option to see the compiled HTML

You’re going to have to provide some context here, ie some code: that’s just dollar sign, it denotes dollars

Maybe look at the ES6 section in FCC (and please read some documentation).

But I think your best bet would be to go through an absolute beginners guide to setting up and building something using Create React App

yeah I met was how to get import from the site to css And im seeing $title $bodybackground that stuff what is it

It’s Scss, they are variables. FCC has an entire section

Not sure what you mean here

its OK you have helped me a lot thanks.