So what else are you testing?

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I’m passing individual tests but not the “All tests should pass” item. Since it is included as a separate item, they must be testing something beyond the individual tests. I’m doing the tests in the order as specified. I included error messages for the assert method, but I got the same result. So I’m not sure what else should I be checking.

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// #3
    test('send {surname: "Colombo"}', function (done) {

        .end(function (err, res) {
          assert.equal(res.status, 200);
          assert.equal(res.type, 'application/json');
          assert.equal(, 'Cristoforo');
          assert.equal(res.body.surname, 'Colombo');


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Challenge: Learn How JavaScript Assertions Work

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The other four freeCodeCamp tests check whether your tests exist. The one that is failing is checking whether all the tests that you wrote pass.

Ah, okay I got it. I forgot about payload. I didn’t realize the significance of that one blank line. Thanks.

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