So what happens after code camp

I 'm telling people about free code camp and they all want to know what happens after the camp…I can’t tell them cause I don’t know.

You are able to build full featured web applications. If you want to learn another programming language, you will have a strong foundation to build on. You should have the technical skills to get a job in web development (although there are other skills involved in getting hired).

What happens after you learn stuff? It is basically up to you to decide how you want to use/build upon the knowledge.

well they are like. “nothing is free they want something.”
everyone is so afraid of scammers. they think everything is a scam.
I m glad I’m here.

Well, we do hope that campers will give back - by contributing to the codebase, helping on the forum, donating, etc. No one is required to and nothing is reserved for people who support us. We just need people to contribute if we’re going to grow.

yes I will be giving back money and time I just don’t have money now. I’m a disabled Vet trying to get up on my feet again.

That wasn’t a request or suggestion that you do anything now. That was just my response to “they want something”.

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