So... who can fix the project text?

I also put this message in an issue thread on Github. I’m not sure who has the power to edit the official FCC project, or how to get their attention, but here I am to say that we, as a community, really need to fix it ASAP. As it stands, the syllabus first teaches you about navigator.geolocation, then drops you into this project with the comment, “We recommend using the Open Weather API.” The student is left to bang their head over the problem before finding that the two can’t work together, and it seems a bit silly to set them up for failure and then wait for them to find the answer here, or on Github, or on Gitter (where everyone else gets tired of explaining it several hundred times per day).

Just to be clear, the problem is:

  1. navigator.geolocation only works over https
  2. doesn’t (for free)

Many suggest, and even the example pen shows, getting location by IP. I feel like this is not best practice, especially in a mobile-first age, because of these kinds of issues.

There is a solution that is functional and (comparitively) elegant.

  1. Add https to your codepen URL. Make sure you share the URL that way, and maybe put an error alert in prompting the user to do so in case anybody gets hold of an http version
  2. Use navigator.geolocation
  3. Use They work over https, they’re free, and–best part–they have a matching set of gorgeous, animated icons!

As far as I know, this issue and its solutions have been known for over a month. Meanwhile, dozens of campers per day plow into it. I move that the wording of the page be changed IMMEDIATELY, at least to make people aware of the problem. I also move that a note be added to the geolocation checkpoint to mention that it won’t work, in Chrome, without https.


Huh—I’d never thought about it, but I guess that’s true. I think I will.

hum… this is my next project, have you tried other weather (free) API’s?
because there are a few more like

EDIT: after a few searches this seems good enough :wink:

Cool. I know some have also completed the project using Weather Underground.

Didn’t like my first attempts with the mentioned API (by me) and changed to Weather Underground. It’s free but requires an API and also a logo (very detailed options for using it).
The API invoked was close to this, with coordinates and it also returns your location (in the example my own):,-9.2286898.json
(I didn’t finish the project, I’ve used brackets to test the code before going into the design and codepen)
Best regards,

Sorry, I know this is like a week old now, but I just wanted to let you know that Weather Underground has an autoresolve for IP, The API url looks like this: . This will return all of the necessary information without all the fuss of getting the user’s IP.

IP? why?
If you use the coordinates it will display the weather for the closest weather station … if you are having trouble with the GetLocation HTML5 API … after banging my head (mostly due to SSL) and with the help of PortableStick my weather project is working fine! … I think, lol!
Underground Weather is very cool with free https, location and weather icons (for night & day) :wink: