Socket io client lost conection when server restarts

so I am creating a module for the members that are using my services (

basically, we have a voting system in our service, this module is making a connection using socket io on the server and socket io client on the module, announcing to the user when someone votes on it

Everything is working normally, but when I restart the server to do some maintenance, all users are disconnected from socket io even when the server is on again

Server side code :

     var server = app.listen(process.env.PORT || 3000, () => {
        console.log("Your app is listening on port " + server.address().port)
        var io = require('')(server)
    io.on("connection",function(socket) {
  console.log("Someone Joined to our server api!")

    //that's the part that he emits the event when someone votes

  io.of(`vote/${bot}`).emit("voted", user_votes.val()); 

Module/client side:

var https = require('https');
const { EventEmitter } = require("events");
var fetch = require('node-fetch')
const io = require("");

module.exports = class Cloud_client extends EventEmitter {
   constructor(id, token) {

      if (!id) throw new Error("Missing client instance on contructor");
      if (!token) throw new Error("Missing token on constructor"); = id;
      this.token = token;
      this.socket = io.connect(`${id}`, {
         reconnectionDelay: 1000,
         reconnectionDelayMax : 5000,
         reconnectionAttempts: Infinity      
      this.socket.on("connect", () => this.emit("connected"));
      this.socket.on("disconnect", (...args) => {;
      this.socket.on("voted", (...args) => this.emit("voted", ...args));

this is an example of someone using the module:

var cdl = require("cloud-list") 
var cloud_client = new cdl("701456902160121966","5669556617e2a070ada1688") 
cloud_client.on("connected", (data) => { 
console.log(`Connected to the api Server`)
cloud_client.on("voted", (data) => { 
console.log(`Thanks,user ${data.user_name} for voting on us :)`)

When I connect to the server, it sends the message of this example saying “Connected to the api Server”, but when I restart the server, I don’t receive anything. Already tried this.socket.on("disconnect", (...args) => {}); or this.socket.on("disconnect", (...args) => {this.socket.connect()}); ,but still the same thing,user can’t reconnect again.
the only way for users to connect again is to restart his project, which is very bad