script on client side

In documentation, in ‘Get Started’ guide, they advice you to implement this script on the client side:

<script src="/"></script>

Where is its source come from? What is this / is pointing at sice we are not creating any file like this one?

That’s assuming you put it in a folder named in your html root. Pretty dumb assumption. Bad doc writer, no biscuit.
If you’re not using a module bundler, I suggest using a CDN link

So how is the app still working since I do not have any folder in my html root?

@bartekw2213, that’s a great question. I was wondering the same thing while working on one of the projects for the updated curriculum.

If you’re using with Node and http server or Express, / is served to the client automatically. Answers in these posts have a bit more information about it:

Would be nice if there was a sentence or two in the documentation about this.

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