Sockets and Networking Tutorial not working for me

I cannot proceed with Tech with Tim’s Online game tutorial because the connection is not happening on my system. The server starts as it should, but the client code does not make a connection to the server. I am using IDLE with Python 3.8 on Windows 10. I allowed pythonw.exe through my firewall, and tweaked the address parameter as suggested on a few sites while searching for solutions to this issue. Is there anyone at freeCodeCamp who could help troubleshoot this issue? I would like to complete the tutorial.

this is not an issue with freecodecamp itself, so I am moving this to one of the help forums.
The #support subforum should be used only if you need support with the forum or the freecodecamp platform.
For Help with your code there is #help subforum, and if it is related to the freecodecamp curriculum there is #curriculum-help subforum.
Thank you.

The problem was caused by running both the server and client files in the same instance of the IDLE console. I found a tutorial on sockets at that included the need to run the files in separate instances of IDLE. So problem solved, connection successful!