Software engineer required

I have a laptop that needs updating. Can anyone guide me through how to do it or refer an engineer who can remotely do it.

The problem: Microsoft has not been installed and the keyboard is now typing numbers when we press letters.


Microsoft is a company. I’m going to take a guess that you’re saying Microsoft Windows hasn’t been installed? Or is it a different issue?

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Yes, Microsoft has not been installed and now the notebook has gone into recovery mode.

I do not even know what credentials I should be looking for in the engineer. I am living in Africa and do not know of any engineer. Do I need a Microsoft engineer?

Are you seeing a screen similar to this?
Or this?

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You do not necessarily need an engineer. Sounds like you just need a little tech support. It might be something I’m able to help you with :slight_smile:

Bottom pic (blue). I will attach an image now.

I’m being given an automatic repair screen. Restart or advanced options is showing.

I would really appreciate the help. Do you want to email me with a quotation?

It sounds like you’ve got an automatic repair loop - sometimes the Windows automatic repair tool malfunctions and gets stuck in a constant “need to restart” state.

It’s possible that you can run a Start-up repair by clicking Advanced Options -> Start-up repair. This uses a built in tool to try to debug the issue, but it doesn’t always work.

You could also try System Restore or System Image Recovery - depending on how the laptop was set up, it might have a restore point for you to essentially roll back your Windows to. This can cause some personal data loss, though.

If you happen to have the installation media (the CD or USB drive that Windows came with) you can reinstall the operating system from that. The downside is you usually lose ALL your data. There is an option for Windows to try to recover it, but in my experience it’s hit or miss.

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I have backed most of my data up onto a USB so can afford to lose data. I will try your suggestions. Thank you.

I am glad you’ve got back-ups! A smart thing to do for sure. :slight_smile:

I am headed off to sleep very soon, so I may not be available for a few hours. However, you are welcome to reply with updates - if you need further assistance, I will get back to you when I return, or another member of the community may be able to help as well.

No quotation needed! I’m here to help out my fellow community members :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The computer would not reset. I have had problems with the device since being gifted it. It is a geo brand which I had never heard of before and I suspect that the software has not been installed properly.

It sounds like you may need to do a fresh installation of Windows. If you don’t have a copy, you’ll need to purchase one - you can get a USB containing the installation media from the Microsoft Store. Watch out for third-party sellers offering significant discounts, as these are often not legitimate copies.

You can also purchase a download of the installation media and put it on your own USB, if you have a functioning computer and are comfortable doing so.


If it’s a laptop, it may have the serial code for your version of windows on a label on the underside. If it does, then get someone (a friend or family member) to create you an installation media for Windows and install it using the serial number on the label.

If you don’t have a product key on a sticky label or in any of the documentation that came with the laptop, you’ll have to purchase one like nhcarrigan mentioned above.

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Oh right~ been a while since I used a laptop. I forgot they have those stickers on the bottom sometimes.

Thank you for sharing this information!

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Cass and cardigan, thank you. I will try your suggestions I also forgot about the stickers.

@cardigan, what do you use I stead of a laptop if you font mind me asking?

I have a desktop PC that I built myself, but I am still running Windows 10. :slight_smile:

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I have now found the serial number on my machine and will follow everyones’ advice.

Thanks a bunch!

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I’m intrigued, did you manage to get it sorted @coder20201? :slightly_smiling_face: