Software Engineer Steps

Hello! My name is Mary and I want to be a software engineer. What courses should I start first here in freecodecamp? or should I just go in order? Thank you for any suggestions!

We are focused on web development at FCC vs general software development. If you want to learn about front-end web development, start at the beginning and before you know it, you will be working through the JavaScript section, which will be your first introduction to the skills and concepts that a software developer will learn.

Thank Randell for this suggestion, I will start from the beginning then!

FWIW, as a web developer, my manager referred to me as a software engineer the other day and I nearly blushed :blush:

“Moi? Oh staahp!”

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FCC will definitely teach you a good part of being a web developer, just in case you want to be “more well rounded”, since software engineer isn’t as specific as web developer, here’s a site filled with references to Computer Science topics. These resources will go into more of the theoretical side of being a “developer”.

I unfortunately don’t have any references for the business-side of things that a software engineer should know. (like how to deal with requirements, project management, risk, etc)