Software engineer with 3 years experience who was just laid off. Can you review my resume?

Here is a link to my resume:

I am a software engineer with 3 years experience who was just laid off. Looking to start applying next week, and I just updated my resume for this first time in 2 years. What do you guys think?

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HI @theman2886 !

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One of the things I like about your resume, is that you do mention some stats on your resume like how your contributions for particular projects increased revenue by X%.

I think you should add some more stats, particularly for company no.2.
Recruiters and HR mangers love that stuff.
I would reach out to your previous manager, if you don’t know those numbers

I would suggest removing the sentence “wrote tests to ensure proper functionality”.
That should just be a given so you don’t need to explicitly say that.
All of your bullet points should center around the impact you left on the company through your contributions not the basics of your job.

Personally, I don’t think you need that first bullet point.
You can save some space and just replace software developer with full stack engineer for company 1

Lastly, for your Linkedin, you should have recommendations from previous collegues and mangers on your profile if you don’t already.
Recruiters love that stuff, and you have a few years of work experience where you should be able to have some recommendations to pull from

Good luck with the job hunt.
Being laid off sucks. Been there.
Hopefully you land something soon


I think your experience itself is great but you can definitely improve how you are selling yourself. For bullet points, I always recommend the format, used <tech> to solve <some problem> or add <some value> to company

The current first bullet point of company 1 doesn’t provide anything useful, so you can replace with something like “Worked as a React/Python full stack engineer developing multiple apps with optimized SEO, resulting in increased revenue”

Is “Instant Technologies” where you worked, or is it an open source project? If it’s a company, I would just list below Company 2. If you’re worried about the gap, I would actually just edit all the duration to be years with no months

Instant tech 2015 - 2018
Company 2 intern 2019 - 2020

Also a nit but I see Agile as a skill so maybe you can add a bullet to company 1 that explicitly shows that you have experience working in a functional, organized team.

Oh and one more; I don’t see any front-end testing. I would add jest/enzyme/testing-library as techs if you’ve used them and add a bullet point on how you’re currently testing front-end code if possible

I think personally your resume looks amazing. If you don’t mind me asking, can you explain why you were laid off?
Thank you

updating your resume after a couple of years can feel like dusting off a treasure chest. Make sure to highlight not just what you’ve done but the impact you’ve made. Tailor it to the specific job you’re applying for, emphasizing relevant skills and experiences.

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