Software Engineers are effective Googlers


I am currently working on a project for a client. I found a tutorial that had a feature I wanted to implement in my project. I was coding along then ran into an Error

Error: Failed to lookup view "welcome_page" in views directory "../Rider_project/views/"

I rewatched the video like 3 times or more to be sure I did exactly what the tutor did. Mehnn… i was getting frustrated :tired_face:

Then i remember an article i read that advised that software devs are effective googlers… So, I copied the Error and searched Google :grin:

Behold i found out other people have had the same issue. I went to Stackoverflow copied a suggested solution, paste in my own code, made some modification and weeee i got the same result with that of the tutor :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Lesson learnt: It may not go as expected, but Google can ease out some fuzzy moments…

Happy coding geeks :nerd_face:


I remember the days before Google when I had those big O’Reilly books all over my desk…

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If there is no Google and StackOverFlow

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I still have a few of those knocking around.

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Pretty sure Books can still come in handy :smile:

This confidence, this freedom from fear, is the main thing that distinguishes the expert. An expert does not need to know much. He [sic] must know how and where information can be found.

That’s from a book on learning maths, from 1943


Wow This is very insightful @DanCouper. :+1:t4:

Or, if you prefer science fiction: