Software Project Documentation

FCC is doing really great both on website and youtube channel. got to learn a lot. BUT there is no content regarding software project management and documentation?

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there is a lot of stuff also on, but note that freeCodeCamp doesn’t want to be comprehensive of everything, even if it’s growing

as documentation goes you may be interested in, an open source project also maintained by freeCodeCamp


Thanks. I just wanted a standard way to document software project. I wasn’t talking about reference docs to be used by developers. I was talking about a standard way to document your current project so that new developers on board can understand it. What are the key points to write in it?

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Here’s a cool article I found on that might help

And another from the FCC publication:

Both have helped me and I’m pretty sure they can help you too.


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There isn’t.

IMO is the best overview of what, ideally should be there.

Documentation guide — Write the Docs is a very good collection of resources.


Thank you everyone for sharing awesome content.

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