[SOLANA-CURRICULUM][first course][first test] Could not find /workspace/solana-curriculum/.logs/.cwd.log


In my console, I have the following error ERROR: 2024-03-19 15:30:25 Test #1: Error: Could not find /workspace/solana-curriculum/.logs/.cwd.log at Object.getCWD (file:///workspace/solana-curriculum/node_modules/@freecodecamp/freecodecamp-os/.freeCodeCamp/tooling/test-utils.js:133:11) at async eval (eval at <anonymous> (file:///workspace/solana-curriculum/node_modules/@freecodecamp/freecodecamp-os/.freeCodeCamp/tooling/test.js

I followed the instructions:

Then I am asked to change directory in a new terminal, when I execute the test I get this error.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome there,

This is probably due to an issue when the workspace was created. Sometimes, the fix is as easy as running git restore . in the terminal. Otherwise, you need to rebuild the container.

Hope this helps