Solana Curriculum Focus lock issue

I have a problem running the courses on the Solana curriculum :frowning:
I attached a screenshot.
When I follow the instruction of cd into “learn-how-to-set…” and click “run Tests” the test fails and there is this “Focus Lock” popping up. I cant “Reset Step” either.
Someone has an idea whats wrong here?

Im on Windows 10.

Hello there,

If you click on the Console tab, you will see more detailed output as to why the test failed.

Do not worry about that. That has nothing to do with the course. It is just telling you the simple browser has focus.

hm ok wow, the task shouldnt be too complicated. Open new terminal and “cd” into the directory. Console doesnt say anything except {}.
Is there something Im missing??

If the console displays {}, then something has gone wrong with the tests.

The most common issue I have seen is random Git changes showing up in the container. Examples:

The solution is:

  1. Revert Git changes
  2. Trash the terminal
  3. Run freeCodeCamp: Run Course again

Hope this helps

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