Solana - Learn How to Interact with On-Chain Programs - Lesson 30

ou can estimate the cost of creating a program data account of size 10000 bytes by using the following CLI command:

solana rent 10000

root@1a3c8895b466:~/solana-curriculum/learn-how-to-interact-with-on-chain-programs# solana rent 10000
Error: RPC request error: cluster version query failed: error sending request for url (http://localhost:8899/): error trying to connect: tcp connect error: Cannot assign requested address (os error 99)

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Hello there,

I assume you are wondering why you are getting the RPC request error.

It appears your operating system is denying port 8899 for the solana cli. I suggest finding out what ports your OS is using, then trying to free 8899.

Hope this helps

it got resolved
thank you

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