Solidity course code not working?

I find the course really helpful, but am getting an issue, i copy pasted the entire code from github, but it still throws up errors (i am new to this btw

here’s the error: VM error: invalid opcode. your help is much appreciated!

pragma solidity >=0.6.0 <0.9.0;

contract SimpleStorage {

    uint256 favoriteNumber;

    // This is a comment!
    struct People {
        uint256 favoriteNumber;
        string name;

    People[] public people;
    mapping(string => uint256) public nameToFavoriteNumber;

    function store(uint256 _favoriteNumber) public {
        favoriteNumber = _favoriteNumber;
    function retrieve() public view returns (uint256){
        return favoriteNumber;

    function addPerson(string memory _name, uint256 _favoriteNumber) public {
        people.push(People(_favoriteNumber, _name));
        nameToFavoriteNumber[_name] = _favoriteNumber;

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