Sololearn and freecodecamp

Hi friends I am Vansh and a developer and I am trying to add my account to sololearn but it is telling that no username exists.

Free Code Camp has no association with Sololearn.

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First chech and then answer i am a sololearner

There appears to be some confusion here.

SoloLearn has recently enabled some sort of link between FreeCodeCamp accounts and their own SoloLearn accounts. I saw on their forum that they encourage you to link the accounts via your SoloLearn settings.


However, this is a SoloLearn initiative, not a FreeCodeCamp one. If you are having issues with this, you need to follow it up with their support team, not ours.

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Hi everyone, I’ve been talking with the founder of SoloLearn over the past few months. She had told me they planned to implement this, though I didn’t realize until now that it was live.

First let me explain some context: SoloLearn is a popular free mobile app for learning various programming languages on the go.

freeCodeCamp has decided as a community not to try and build a mobile app for now. There are a variety of reasons for this.

First of all, I personally believe that it’s hard to code on a mobile phone, and that mobile phones are better for reading articles and listening to podcasts.

Second, organizations with much greater resources than freeCodeCamp have built and then abandoned their mobile apps. Both GitHub and Treehouse have discontinued their mobile apps. As far as coding is concerned, mobile apps seem to often be more trouble than they’re worth.

SoloLearn’s apps are pretty good, and do a good job of working within the confines of a small screen with no keyboard. If campers are going to try and code on the go, I think it’s a good option.

So I gave SoloLearn the go-ahead to implement freeCodeCamp account linking so you can get a badge in SoloLearn. They seem to be using the forum’s public API to pull your account details from there. They don’t have any special permissions to get anything private from here.

If anyone has any questions about this, let me know. But yes - I am OK with this and think it’s a net-positive for campers who are also using SoloLearn.


I have been using my mobile android for a long time to write code on an application called cppDroid. Lines are shorter due to screen size, and it’s harder to keep track of many lines of code, since you have to scroll with your thumb. But I think it is very nice, and I am glad I can write away from my PC. I think it is almost as good as CodeBlocks.

You are right.
I have linked my Freecodecamp account with Sololearn account.
Here is a proof.