Solution is confusing on Debug C# console applications (Get started with C#, Part 6)

For Debug C# console applications (Get started with C#, Part 6) - Implement the Visual Studio Code debugging tools for C# - Unit 10, shall the solution be edited?

In the previous session, it was taught that int is a value type.

So in the debug solution, even though x is assigned 10 in the “ChangeValue” method, the global value remains unchanged, so x is still 5.

Other than editing the method so it returns a value, I think line 6 should be changed to:
x = ChangeValue(x);


Exercise - Complete a challenge activity using the debugger

Solution of the debugger challenge

Could you please attach some code in your question? No idea what line 6 is. The solution code is:

int x = 5;
x = ChangeValue(x);

int ChangeValue(int value) 
    value = 10;
    return value;

The assignment in line 2 is to change the value of x.

Yes, because I have sent feedback to Microsoft Learn and asked them to correct the code.

Originally in the solution, Line 2 was just

(the original solution only added a return value to the method, but did not assign the return value to x, the staff has since corrected the error)

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Nice! :+1:Thanks for your contribution!