Solution not working or is it me?

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So I’ve tried this challenge on 3 different devices and 3 different browsers ( Brave, Firefox and Safari) and nothing is working. I’ve tried typing in the code as well as copy & paste. Is it me or is it the solution?
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.responsive-img {
img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;


img {
width: 600px;

<img class="responsive-img" src="" alt="freeCodeCamp stickers set">
<img src="" alt="freeCodeCamp stickers set">
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Challenge: Make an Image Responsive

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You have 2 styles for image. The 2nd one is theone being used and you have style inside of style? You should just define your width and margin inside the responsive-img class.

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You’ve nested the element selector inside the class selector and that’s not something that is allowed in CSS.

Reset the lesson and carefully look at the instructions. You are tasked with adding the style rules (the property: value: pairs) to the class selector.

Hope that helps.

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I see what I did wrong. The open brackets in the class selector confused me and I thought that’s where the code should be placed. Thank you!