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function checkObj(obj, checkProp) {
// Modifica il codice solo sotto questa riga
if (checkObj.hasOwnProperty("gift")) {
  return "pony";
} else if (checkObj.hasOwnProperty("pet")){
return "kitten";
} else if((checkObj.hasOwnProperty("house")) {
return "Not Found";
}else if (checkObj.hasOwnProperty("city")){
return "Seattle";
} else if(checkObj.hasOwnProperty("district")){
return "Not Found";
} else if(checkObj.hasOwnProperty("gift")){
return "Not Found";

// Modifica il codice solo sopra questa riga
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Sfida: Verificare la presenza delle proprietà degli oggetti

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Excuse me, but I can’t solve this exercise. At beginning I type the cose as the solution you gave me, but free CodeCamp said me that I type as I made . :frowning:

You are not using the function arguments at all. You need to check if obj has the property checkProp.

Hi @tommaso.tiso !

I think it would be best to reset the lesson because I am also getting a syntax error when I test your code.

You can shorten your solution considerably.
You are not supposed to hardcode multiple conditions for the tests cases FCC provides you.

Your function should work for ANY object not just the ones FCC is testing you on.

Think of a shorter solution where you can say if the object has a specific property then return its value otherwise return Not Found.

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