Solution to "Make an Image Responsive " does not work

Hi, I’m new around here
I am trying to follow the course of “Responsive Web Design Principes”
and i’m stuck in exercise “Make an Image Responsive”
and the solution provided (freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Make an Image Responsive) did not work for me
I can’t reply that message and so I open this topic.
I think my code should work but it doesn’t

Please, can someone help me?


Maybe you paste your code.
See the result from other people.

Thanks for answering
The code works in the preview but the system reports this error when" Run the Tests "is applied to it:

“// running tests
Your responsive-img class should have a max-width set to 100%.
// tests completed”

Could someone test the solution on their computer to rule it out as a system checking problem?

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That’s why you need paste your original code.
If other people paste and pass the test, then is not your fault.

@Karmann The solution in the guide you referenced was not quite correct. It has been updated and should work for you now.

Hi. You could check this and answers below:

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Thanks for answering @RandellDawson
The updated solution doesn’t work either
I have seen the answer of @napolimatiase in the post About responsive image ,
I have tried it and it works
So the solution works only in Crome, it does not work in Edge nor in Firefox.
That is so at least in my case, it would be good to report this peculiarity in the solution.

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I’m having the same problem. Hopefully it gets resolved soon

Hi ,
This is my first time posting on here so I hope I’m doing it right. I found that the code will be accepted if you use your iPhone (Safari). I just logged in and completed the challenge (I don’t know if it makes a difference but I clicked submit and move on to the next challenge) and then refreshed my /learn page back on my laptop and it updated my progress.
I hope this helps someone because as a completionist I found it very frustrating. :slight_smile:

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This challenge is working in chrome browser but not in edge . So u should try in chrome browser…

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I’m having the same problem in Edge.

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Did not work for me in Chrome. I was using Edge too and it did not work there either.

Thank you ! That does indeed work on Safari ! Could complete it there :slight_smile: