[SOLVED] Accidentally deleted .gitignore... can I use another one with create-react-app?

I somehow accidentally deleted the .gitignore file in my application and now my editor is being weird… can I just use another one taken from a new app with create-react-app?

EDIT: Well… that fixed it.

I noticed after adding .gitignore I had to runrm -f ./.git/index.lock since that prevented me from adding .gitignore. Check here for more info.

If you haven’t modified the original .gitignore then yes, it should be the same and works exactly the same way since it’s only there to tel git what it should ignore.

# See https://help.github.com/ignore-files/ for more about ignoring files.

# dependencies

# testing

# production

# misc


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Thanks! It ended up working. I never edited my original .gitignore manually, so I think I’m good.

I had to delete a lock file that was apparently there in order to add and commit the new .gitignore.