[Solved] Add Google Login Ability to Account Setup with Non-Gmail Email

Initially setup my FCC account using email (non Google/gmail domain).

Would like ability to login via Google.

Is there a way to add Google login functionality?


I had created two accounts - my error.

  1. Email linked account, which has my active profile.
  2. Google linked account (created automatically when logging in via Google) - empty

Here is the process should you find yourself in the same position.

  • Log into FCC via Google - delete empty FCC Account via

  • Log into FCC via Email (auto-reply confirmation)

  • Update email address to match gmail address

  • Confirm change via FCC autoreply email, “Please confirm your updated email address for freeCodeCamp.org


  • Logout
  • Login using Google


One way to confirm you have multiple accounts is to login and check the username. If the username is different, so is the account.

one thing to know: the freeCodeCamp account is identified via email

if your current email address is not gmail, and you want to log in via gmail you need to change the email address linked to your account