Solved ! Backend Development and APIs -->Exercise tracker -->Last Test case fail

Hello Friends and Freecodecamp support team

I am stuck at “Backend Development and APIs” project no. 4 “Exercise tracker”.
As I always get last test case failed!!(All other test cases are passed
Replit project link
As I checked my solution multiple times and it is valid.
After Asking multiple peers I got to know that many people are facing this problem as the last test case is broken!!
so please help me solve this problem

Your code is passing for me. Try using a VPN, fork your project and submit that. Or you can try it on Glitch.

The tests are not the issue, if they were, the demo project wouldn’t be passing. If you are ever in doubt about if the tests are broken submit the demo project and check it.

I tried with a VPN but it still doesn’t work!
If it’s working on your side then can you please help me solve this issue!
As I know now my solution is right but it’s always failing last test case.
I’m trying from past 2 days and I’m unable to figure out what’s the issue here!

Well the code isn’t the issue so it must be something local to you. Did you fork the project using the VPN and submit that forked version? Can you try submitting it using a different system?

You can try using Glitch instead as well. Or some other site that supports Node.js

I tried on different system and the test is passed!
Thank you so much for the help @lasjorg !