(SOLVED) Codes in challenges are no longer dynamic

So I might have pressed something, and try as I might, can’t figure out what it was. So, you know when you type in the coding challenges and you have a say a “p” element with paragraph inside it, the lines automatically flow downwards, or if you stretch the preview section, the lines of code automatically adjust as well. Now it doesn’t. So, if I do the challenges and it involves including text that are paragraph-long, they all just fit in one line of the code. Which is a bother, since I don’t really copy-paste these texts usually as I also consider them to be typing exercise for myself. Plus, it hurst my brain not seeing every parts of the code in one area.

EDIT: I found it, silly me. This is a coding challenges line wrapping issue involved with the TOGGLE ACCESSIBILITY MODE (Windows+E). I wonder how it got triggered in first place since I assumed turning off the keyboard shortcuts would prevent that. I’ll leave this here, in case someone comes to the same issue.

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