[SOLVED] Compound Assignment With Augmented Addition 2017

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Convert the assignments for a, b, and c to use the += operator.
I have written the code, as it’s told to do, but I receive this message
"You should use the += operator for each variable"

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var a += 12;
var b +=9;
var c += 7;

// Only modify code below this line

a = a + 12;
b = 9 + b;
c = c + 7;

var a += 12;
var b +=9;
var c += 7;

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Declaring a variable with compound assignment is not allowed (as in var a += 12), because compound assignment needs an existing value for that variable. In this case the variable a is newly created, so it has no sensible value yet.

The idea for this challenge is to modify the additions such that they use compound assignment. Reset your code and try again.

Thank you, it worked