(Solved) Confused With Terminology

“It is best practice to set a for attribute on the label element, with a value that matches the value of the id attribute of the input element.”

Does the value here mean the format of the code?

No. So

This is a paragraph (p) element. It has an id attribute with a value of foo.

<p id="foo">Hello</p>

This is an image (img) element. It has a src attribute with a value of bar.jpg.

<img src="bar.jpg" />

to expand on @DanCouper 's response, this is what they are talking about:

    <label for="sample">A sample input</label> <!--Notice the "for"?-->
    <input type="text" id="sample"> <!--Notice the "id"?-->

You can think of it as that is the label for the sample input


Wow! It was so ddifficult for but now no more

Thanks for responding. This is a huge help.