[SOLVED] Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit - Still not solvable

So this is the error message am getting from my exercise here:
“ReferrenceError: celcius is not defined”.

And this is my input
function convertToF(celsius) {
var fahrenheit;
// Only change code below this line
fahrenheit = celcius * 9/5 + 32;


// Change the inputs below to test your code

The reason is, I’ve tried a lot of other means, then all of them seem to work as I try them one by one. But immediately I move to the other one, the previous one becomes disable, and so by the time am done, the entire thing doesn’t work. So I went with the above code, and everything just became messed up.

Would really appreciate a helping hand here.

in fact, looking stupid sometimes really come unexpectedly.

What a simple code?

And I didn’t realize it?


Please, I got it. Just solved that damn thing.

It pays to check the spelling of words like celcius and celsius. However you decide to spell it, you need to be consistent.

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