[SOLVED] Could Someone Check My Quote Machine Code and Key Authorization?

I’m having some trouble with my get quote button and I’m stuck. I believe issue is on initialization, so it’s on the getQuote function. Also, my dev tools keep saying that my key is unauthorized. I would appreciate another set of eyes, Thanks in advance.
Random Quote Machine

It looks like you didn’t add jquery to your pen.
once thats done it looks like theres a typo xhr request that pops up in the console. I think it should be “xhr.setRequestHeader” . Beyond that I dont know enough about xhr headers to help.

hope you can figure the rest out,
Good luck

Thank you so much! I didn’t I forgot to set up my pen! :sweat_smile:

You’re welcome. I think most of us have done that at some point

I got the error function to work, so that means I’m on the right track. So now I’m having an issue with the authorization of my api key.