SOLVED: FireFox and browsers: needing help with my portfolio


Can someone give me a hand with my project? I am working on Chrome Linux and it is ok. It looks ok also in my Android.

However I did Firefox Linux and the images I have nested in an hyperlink are presented as half height.

In Chrome they look ok.

I would also like to see if someone has an iPhone and comment?

I am using Bootstrap 4 for this project.

This is the current project location (gh-pages):

Hi Evaristo, The Firefox “Developer Tools” (F12) tells me the images have “width:100%” and “height:50%”, change the height to “auto” or 100% and that should solve the problem.

Thanks @mcrocco. I did it, but it appears that because they are inside an hyperlink anchor, the anchor won’t allow them to expand the remaining 50% percent.

It is a way to control the anchor so it doesn’t limit the size of the image?

Any other effective way to add the image or the hyperlink so I don’t have to bother about this problem?

At least for new versions of Chrome and Firefox.

It´s weird the anchor don´t let expand the image. Try to delete del height property from the CSS.
With the Mozilla´s devolper tool when I change the height to auto in the picture of the man looks ok (see the picture below).

Thanks @mcrocco! I managed to solve it!