[solved] Getting stared on a Portfolio Website?

Well, I finished my Tribute page and am now on my Portfolio project.
-The things is I have nooo idea how I would make a Portfolio page.
–the tribute page was fun and challenging because I had the resources and learned the tools through the exercises but this portfolio is almost completely new and the code in the example is super foreign.
—First I want to use an image as a background so I thought:

body {
background-image: src="url here"}

Can I even do that lol?

----My next hurdle would be to position the buttons and all that on the page. I get the rid system but putting them anywhere on the page is something we didn’t cover. Maybe something to do with margins and padings?
-----Everything else, like the colors and the links and making buttons look nice or round and all the typography, I can probably figure out and search for. But this initial getting started really has me stuck.
------Any tips or links to some useful docs?

Here’s a thread I found usefull:

-better still this proect: