[Solved] Help with ScrollSpy

Hi, I am working on the Personal Portfolio project and I am having trouble using ScrollSpy to highlight the tabs of the corresponding website section. I have Googled and tried a million variations but nothing has worked. Btw I am new to using anything other than simple html and css. Any help is appreciated!

See the Pen Portfolio by Aileen (@amo123) on CodePen.

What is you particular issue? What are you trying to do and why do you think it might not be working?

Here are some previous questions about scroll spy, which may contain the help you need already:

Hi Jackson, thanks for your reply. I did a search before I posted and found both those threads. I have tried following the example on http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_scrollspy.asp but could not make it work for me. When I scroll through my page, the corresponding tab doesn’t highlight.

I have this part in my body:

and links to my anchors in the list items with corresponding ids. I also added relative positioning to body in css. Those seem to be the essential parts but it’s not working.

Ok, I took a look.

You’re gonna kick yourself, but we all do it…

You need to load Bootstrap.js in the JS panel under the jQuery one.

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Thank you! But I thought it was already there when we selected in Settings? Is that something else?

There is a bootstrap CSS link in the CSS settings, but animated features in bootstrap require the bootstrap JS file as well. Things like the collapsible menu rely on that as well.

Great, thanks so much! Honestly this issue was driving me nuts all day.