[Solved] I am sutck with my React Native project

My React Native Project

Hello, I have a project in React Native.

I need to make like and dislike buttons under each movie and I need to rate them in a header with an option to sort them by likes above the list.
I was thinking of adding a property rating to each movie object and than for each like increase the value.
I also need to make when I touch/click the movie I open a new window/pop up with more info about the that movie and the like and dislike buttons need to be present too. I also need to make an link to imdb with the id in the objects. Don’t have an idea yet how to solve this, gotta look into react docs to see what can I use.

I want to hear you guys how to tackle this, especially the the second part.

For now I am stuck on how to get the like and dsilike buttons to go one to the left other one to the right…

You can copy and run the code from pastebin here.

Edit: Solution

Seems nice question! working on it!