[SOLVED] Lost all of my code after reinstalling MacOs

Hi everybody,

I’ve just returned to FreeCodeCamp after a few weeks of inactivity and after having reinstalled my OS as it was starting to slow down a little bit.
I am not sure if it’s normal (I hope NOT!), but I’ve lost all of my code within the exercises: what I mean is that I still have the stars ( * ) next to the titles which shows that I had passed them, but when I open them my code is gone.
I had used a lot of comments in them so I could go back and recap what I had done so far or refresh a specific topic and I feel quite frustrated having lost it all. Is there anything I can do about it?
In the unfortunate event there isn’t, can I ask if you guys save your exercises somewhere else? If so, where? What do you think is the easiest/smartest way of storing them? Something like Evernote perhaps?

Thanks in advance,


You’ll want to sign up for an account on GitHub to store your code. While they’re usually used to store full projects, they have a feature called ‘gists’ that are great for storing snippets of code or notes. Here is a video on gists.

Have you tried to look in your fCC profile?

There you should be able to click on “View project” and see your code.

Thanks for the hint, I’ll look into it!

jenovs I can’t find “View Project” anywhere ?!?

I ve found it now! That’s great! Thanks you so much for that! :grinning: