(Solved) Making My Website Responsive

This issue has been solved.

For the picture, the fact that #banner has a height of strictly 100px in your css is keeping the picture from getting bigger. Remove the height property from #banner, the width isn’t needed either and add the “img-responsive” class to your image

I’ll be back after I look at the text

Hey yah that worked but now the image can’t stick out from the bottom of the div. I added a percentage to the div, making it smaller then the image, but it won’t work now. Do you understand what I’m trying to do?

Yea I get it, let me look into it and get back with you

As for the responsive text, here’s the solution and the source

Implemented the responsive font-size technique, and it worked perfectly. Been super helpful so far. Thanks a bunch.

This is what I change and you can tweak the values to make it look better,
but it looks a little wierd when you make the page smaller.
I would mess with margin, padding or columns to fix that but I have to go right now! Good luck!

Thanks a ton man. I’ll tinker with the code for awhile.