[SOLVED] Markdown Previewer works perfectly but can't clear the tests

Greetings Fellow Campers,

I built this markdown previewer using React. It works perfectly but can’t pass the tests.
Maybe being a javascript newbie I don’t understand how the tests work.

The preview element is being updated as you type into editor.
The default markdown in #editor element is being rendered into #preview but the tests can’t detect it.

My code: https://codepen.io/ark6/pen/WNrXJeg

Have you gone through each test and saw what it’s asking? For example the first one failing is: My product landing page should have a <header> element with corresponding id="header".

Adding <header id="header"></header> within your first div fixed this. Of course, you’ll need to fill it with the appropriate information. Go through the remaining tests like this.

If you click the red button that says “Test 1/16” it will show you all the tests it’s running your code against.

To all the future people visiting this thread.

I had a variable in handleChange() functionlet mark = marked(input) where input never existed and was arbitrary this caused the test suite never detecting my #preview element. As a result, failing all tests related to #preview element.

Anyways @singhshemona thanks for the reply.