SOLVED: Old completed challenge list not updating with new challenges

I am returning to freeCodeCamp after falling off the coding wagon quite some time ago. After reading the forum, I decided against getting rid of my old work, and just repeating the challenges starting from the top. I quickly discovered there were new challenges (a good thing); however, when I looked at my progress, these new challenges were not showing on my old completion list.

This means it is difficult to come back the next day and pick up where I left off. The last challenge I finish is not showing on my completion list.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? Or, should I just create a new account or request my past work be purged so I can start fresh?

Edit: duh. RE: getting back to where I left off:

Click on Map from the FCC home page, then expand the syllabus.

Yeah, I’ve been gone for too long.