[SOLVED] Portifolio: Navigation Bar Justification

Hi, I’m using Bootstrap and trying to justfy the nick “flipper” in the left and the three buttons groupped in the right, into a navigation bar
I’m trying this way, but my result is everything together, one in front of the other, in the left side


You’re using class names col-xs_6 and col-xs-6 inside the <nav id="nav-bar">, which I think do not exist in Bootstrap 4.

Try using just col-6.

More info

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Hey @luisbaldissera ,

@typicaljoe111 gave you the right answer. I would also take a loot at Navs from boostrap4. If done correctly, makes everything look prettier.

Daniel S.

Thanks @sego90 and @typicaljoe111, now it’s working :slight_smile: