[solved] Problems to host API/Infosec projects on glitch.com

All of my projects are currently on github, to host the projects on glitch.com i need a mongodb connection string, however i seem to have missed something. I need the glitch.com server to give me a valid mongodb connection string, that seems to be done at the .env file, but even after copying a whole FCC project i don’t get the environment variable.

Here is the FCC project

Here is the same, unedited project, i just clicked “remix”.

process.env.MLAB_URI is undefined in my project but not in FCC’s sample project. Does anyone know what’s up?

edit: mlab seems to be a mongodb hosting service. https://mlab.com/
to make it work just register on mlab, create a db, click on it and they will give you a connection string, similar to mongodb://:@myadressandport/andmydb , create a user for that db and use those credentials for your connection string.

Paste that on your .env file with your credentials filled in, then it should work.