[solved] Should I use a form in my Portfolio?

I’m sooooo close to finishing my portfolio :blush: but I need some final advice.

  • I have this form thing on the bottom of my page.
  • should I keep it or ditch it?
    I mean, I feel like it’s kinda corny and if someone wanted to get a hold of me they would contact me through my email (i’m going to write it in there don’t worry) or reach out to me on my social media.

Wadya guys think?
When I finish that section I’ll be done :relieved:

I usually think the forms are pretty pointless - especially since most are not hooked up to a backend and they don’t actually do anything.

That said - you’re probably just doing this for the practice at the moment, right? No harm in adding a form just so you learn how to add a form.

Ditch it if you want when you start showing your portfolio to real potential employers (or hook it up to a backend, anyway)

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That’s what I was thinking.
I’m rippin’ ir out.
tx @JacksonBates

If you want to keep form in your portfolio then take a look at Basin, it allows you to add a custom action address to the form and it will forward all messages to your e-mail without any back-end.

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Thanks @michal9909
What do you think about That?
I don’t wanna look like a scrub. If I can make it more professional now than I will.

I think its cool that it can be done, I have used Basin myself in my portfolio but nobody has contacted me via a form, recruiters either use plain e-mail or phone you up.

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