[solved] Should we offset? Or should we grid?

I love figuring things out :smile:
So I was trying to center a blockquote and couldn’t figure it out.
@BenGitter and @nourabousoha
taught me stuff here:

However, I realize now I could either offset stuff (which I don’t really get) or I could use a grid system, ‘col-2’ ‘col-8’ ‘col-2’ (col-8 centered)
and I could even offset stuff using the grid system like this, ‘col-2’ ‘col-7’ ‘col-2’.

Now. My super coolness for figuring this out aside, how should I center and offset stuff?
I think using the grid system is great. I think my problem is I don’t really understand the utility off offset or how to properly apply it.

wadya think.

If you’re using empty div’s for spacing you might as well got the whole hog and use tables. The problem with that approach, the reason why it’s pretty awful, is that you’re using HTML to style the page, rather than CSS. There are very, very few cases where this approach is unavoidable. It used to be really common when CSS was less featured; it’s really noisy in the HTML, difficult to maintain, easy to make mistakes, really fragile. Grid systems always support offsetting, so use that instead

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Now we’re talkin’ !!
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