SOLVED- Text messing up alignment

Hey everyone. I 'm having a problem with my text messing up the alignment on my practice page.
I created a fake news page with 6 news articles. I place them in their own Article container. They each have a h4, p, and a tag. Now as long as I keep the number of words about the same everything lines up. On my page right now i purposely made the 1st article shorter then the others to show the problem. That article is being pushed down but the others are aligned just fine. How can I fix this where it does’nt get moved at all. You can check it out here on my git. I’m just practicing with out flex or grid. Thanks in advance

I solved it on my own by using
vertical-align:middle; on article section in css file :grinning:

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was just busy on it lol but glad you got it my man could also consider using inline CSS next time which overrides all other CSS functions it recieves example

<article style="text-align: center">

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll try that too. I’m working my way up to the harder stuff. Really trying to get the hang of css. Slowly making progress. :grinning:

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yea css can be difficult at first lol but sometimes its better to keep it simple than too complicated :laughing: