[SOLVED] (Weather app) Geolocation works in Chrome, but not Firefox

I searched before asking, and it seems the majority of my fellow campers are having the inverse problem - Firefox works, but not Chrome. CodePen is running HTTPS, and my API (OpenWeatherMap) is also using HTTPS…I’ve allowed permissions every time in Firefox, even set the permissions to permanently allow location access, yet every time my failure function fires.

Any insight into what’s going wrong? (Note: for practice, I took the vanilla JS route rather than jQuery, but I previously attempted this project at the end of last year using jQuery and ran into the same issue, so I don’t think the absence of jQuery is causing this problem.)

Link to project!

EDIT: I have solved the issue. For some background, I’m running the latest version of Linux Mint as my OS and was using a version of Firefox installed from a package, not from the Firefox website. I uninstalled the package-installed version, downloaded and decompressed a version from the FF download page, and tested my app again - it worked this time.

It appears that the version of FF built for Linux (especially Ubuntu) had a fairly long-running bug regarding geolocation. It may be that the package Firefox was installed from initially was out of date and did not have the patch needed to allow geolocation to function properly. Just wanted to provide an update in case anyone else having the same issue comes across my post.

tested it in chrome and it seems to work as it should.

Correct - my issue is that geolocation works in Chrome, but does not work in Firefox.