Some advice or words of encouragement

Hello i have been really putting effort in to learning python. I have been doing the classes on here and on . I am just wondering is it normal for me not to have a clue on what to do when it comes time to do the assignments on py4e,com. I finish the assignments but not on my own i have reference out my work and they take me a long time to finish. is this normal or i am just a little slow? i mean i don’t think i am dumb haha. Someone give me some advice or something because I just feel like i’m not doing good enough. is it tough for everyone like this? any advice would be very much appreciated. encouragement

Hi @coreyr1187!

Looking at the first few lessons, it looks like they cover the basics of programming (loops, conditions, functions, strings, etc.)

If this is your first programming language than it is not uncommon to be struggling.

This might not be an issue with python specifically but rather will getting used to programming in general.

I would just take it slow and review lessons as needed.


Hi. Your experience is very common, both for people new to our trade and for long-time pros.

I’ve struggled to learn something new (a few years back it was Javascript scope rules and closures, when I was a C++ / Java guy). It just doesn’t make any sense (WTF? WTF?).

And then, it suddenly “pops” and I get it. For me these sorts of “pops” often happen first thing in the morning. Maybe I slept on the problem?

Be patient with yourself. But keep pushing. You WILL get there. And you’ll learn how to get there over and over again. You’ll need to do that many times in your career.


Hey there for your response s. I really don’t have a career out of this tho. I am doing it just to learn it. I doubt that i would get a job because of it. I know people say i could but i just find it hard to believe so i just continue doing coding why i started doing it and that’s to learn how it works.


Understood. I’m just saying that we all have to hit the wall of confusion before we can climb that wall. It’s a feature of this trade.

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