Some Basic Coding Tips

This list was created by compiling common issue and questions when working on the algorithm challenges, they should be helpful in general.

  1. If you don’t know where to start, write some pseudocode. Plan out the logic you’re trying to implement in your native language before you try to put it into code.

  2. Comment your code! Can’t stress that one enough, if you get lost or take a break then come back you need to know what your code is trying to do. It will also reinforce what the code means to you, and help other people understand what your code does if you get stuck and ask for help. If you’ve got a any other tips for campers I’d love to see them!

  3. Use the chrome javascript debugger console in conjunction with something like the netbeans IDE or sublime text to write your code. Both are free to download. The FreeCodeCamp code editor is great but you can get a lot more feedback on your code’s behaviour by using chrome’s JS debugger and a bunch of console.log(myVariableGoesHere);


  1. Posting your code in gitter is as simple as adding a line consisting of only 3 backtics **** then your code in a new line and another line with 3 more backtics.

  2. Ask for help in gitter! I can personally relate to staring at a problem for hours, then seeing the solution as soon as I try to explain it to someone, or having someone say something like “typo on line 6” as soon as they see it.