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I have a question and I’m new to development. I’m disabled and I need to work from my home. I have read that this is hard to do with the lack of experience.I’m currently learning HTML and CSS. I was wondering what would be an ideal stack for me to learn? Would WordPress and PHP be a good option since I’m going to be doing this from home and will need to find remote work? I do see a lot of hype for NodeJS


I’m pretty sure you can work a lot of Development jobs from home using stuff like video conferences, if the emplyer is willing.

As for the stack: If you can ask around what is wanted by employers. In my Area/Country for example small to medium firms work alot with Java EE as the backend, but that varies widely.

Frontend is a bit different, you need HTML, CSS, VanillaJS no matter what and as far as JS Frameworks go it’s mostly Angular and React in the Business world. But again just try to ask. Most people will happily talk to you about their stack if you ask them.

Hope I could help you, good luck.

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Thank you for your response. Yes you definitely helped