Some Designer Tips for your Portfolio

I normally don’t do this, but I found these articles in my inbox, and normally I just delete these kind of emails. But clicking one of the links, I realize this is really very good information. So I’m sharing these links that might help others making their developer portfolio websites or even with your own non-profit, or client projects.

** Note: There are no affiliate links here, I’m not connected with this company (other than being a free-level customer). Just purely sharing these very good tips.

Most Common Mistakes made by Non-Designers

Rules of Composition for Non-Designers

Beautiful Color Combinations (And How to Apply Them to Your Designs)

A Non-Designer’s Guide to Pairing Fonts

Types of Infographics


Speaking of portfolios, would it be acceptable to put works in your portfolio that are not mobile-friendly?

I’ve noticed for example that most of Codepen examples from front-end section of FCC don’t look good on different screen sizes but I guess it would be enough for the certificate if they looked good on desktop or laptop.

So, is it OK or I should redo them to be more mobile-friendly before I put some of them to my portfolio?

@ivan3123708 Good question. And my answer is: It doesn’t really matter what I THINK, but what the hiring company/manager thinks. But personally, in this day and age where mobile access by the population is a high percentage (and will just keep increasing), nobody should be making websites that are not mobile friendly anymore.

You don’t want to give the hiring company or manager any excuse/reason to put your resume in the circular file (i.e. trash can) just because you neglected this one thing – maybe if you’re applying for a purely backend/database programming position, they can let that slide. But definitely may give them pause/doubt if you’re applying for a frontend position.

** and besides, codepen itself is horrible to view/use on a phone. I wouldn’t even present a portfolio via codepen. Kinda make it seems you don’t even know how to setup a webpage from scratch, if you know what I mean.

For me, Codepen is horrible in general, except maybe doing some css images, so I always use Visual Studio Code.

Thanks for the answer, I will definitely have to polish some stuff…

I really like this stuff. Thanks a lot.

maybe reading these articles will give me ideas to improve my ugly portfolio, i’m gonna check them out. Part of it for me is a lack of interest, I would seriously prefer to read a book on vector calculus than this, but I know this is important and need to push myself into areas that I am uncomfortable in.