Some doubts regard MERN stack


I just want to clear some doubts regard MERN.

  1. I see the MongoDB has paid plans also. So, if my application becomes larger, is it require that I upgrade to any paid plans? If yes, are any other free MongoDB alternatives that work well with React, Node, Express?
  2. What hosting service should use to host a MERN app?
  3. Give some example MERN app.


Please reply my frends!!!

That’s for managed database services. MongoDB is open-source, you can host it yourself, the paid plans and services are for if you want someone else (ie MongoDB Inc.) to host/manage it for you. If you are just learning, it is extremely unlikely you’re going to need a paid plan. If you have a small live app, ditto.

It’s just a database, so basically any popular database, there are lots of them – some are standard relational ones (MySQL, Postgres, etc) that are, I would say, general-purpose and work for most things. Some are optimised for specific things (Mongo, Redis, etc).

For just learning and playing around, Glitch, Replit etc will be fine. For IRL stuff, any cloud hosting service – Heroku, AWS, Azure, Google etc. They all have free tiers. Then there are a load of hosting companies like Digital Ocean which charge a small fee every month.

The Free Code Camp is that.

Don’t get hung up on it. It’s just a nice-sounding acronym for a very specific set of technologies, at some point someone was using Mongo, Express and React and they worked quite well together so they made up a name (it doesn’t even make a lot of sense – Express is a NodeJS web framework, so the N in Mern is redundant, it’s only there because “MERN” sounds better than “MER”) and there you go. It doesn’t mean very much, it’s not some technical term. Lots and lots of applications are built with Node. Lots and lots of those use Express, because it’s the de facto standard web framework for Node. Lots of apps use Mongo, it’s easy to use with JS codebases. Lots and lots of apps use React.

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Thanx @DanCouper.

How can host it local? Does freeCodeCamp teach it?

What your opinion about Ruby on Rails? Currently, I am learning in The Odin Project side freeCodeCamp also, and they teach Ruby on Rails & Full Stack JavaScript. So, want to know if Ruby on Rails is good.

No, there are lots of things beyond the scope of FCC. The short answer is you install it on a computer, FCC isn’t going to spend time going through how too install programs on computers.

I need to stress that if you’re learning things there’s no chance you’re going to build something of a scale where you need to pay for mongo instances. So I’m not sure why you’re chasing this particular thread.

Yes, it’s fine, works great

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Sorry to bother, just want know which hosting freeCodeCamp use and they host MongoDB locally?

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