Some questions about my school project

I’m a high school senior and our school will host a basic science fair in March. It’s not so professional or something big, but it seems important to me and my psychology teacher wanted to me to build a desktop app like this:

Face Memory Test

The problem is, I don’t have required skills to build desktop apps, I only know the languages that taught in FCC which is I’m still quite an amateur. But I wanna do it anyway, just don’t know how to do.

Should I go with Electron? Maybe I can convience my teacher to use a full screen web page or should I start learning Python?

And lastly, I dont want to screw this up because it’s a great opportunity to test my knowledge and gain a semi-real world experience. But I want to give up because I’m scared. What should I do?

The app you show in the link is a web app. So, the teacher wants you to convert this web app into software that runs on a pc or mac?

Computers at our school uses Windows. But she said that we need a desktop app functions like this to test our visitors ability to memorize faces from pics and that’s the example she gave me.

This is what I’d suggest, since you’re already familiar with the languages. It might be a good idea to split your working time in two, creating a web app version that works (so you have something just in case Electron doesn’t work out) while spending the other half learning Electron. This way, you’ll just need to port an existing, functional app to Electron.

High schools are known for having cold, crappy computers, at least when I was in school (3 years ago).

If you do end up going with the web version, make sure your schools computers aren’t running IE7 or some very old browser.

Just do it as a webpage, then use to convert it into an electron app. You’ll be happy and your psychology teacher’s weird requirements will be met. I just did it with that website you linked to, in less than a minute.

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I’ll try Nativefier as described below and start learning Electron too. Thanks for the advice!

Our’s renewed this year and not that bad. At least they can run Chrome before crashing :smiley: :smile:

I did that too now. It’s great, thanks! Can I convert my page without hosting it?

edit: Basically, you have to host it. Otherwise there are various sleights of hand we could use, but let’s just not.

Just curious, did anyone do the test? I got a 75%.

I took the test. I got 81%.