Some questions about the "Build a Personal Portfolio" exercise

I have a few questions about this step in the FCC course:

  1. Whom should I build a portfolio page for? Myself or anybody else?
  2. Is it ok if I copy the exact design of sample page? (my own design skills kind of sucks).
  3. In the sample page, why is the html written in such an arcance language of pug/jade that requires pre-processing?
  4. In the sample page, Why is the css written in an arcane language of PostCSS, when less, sass and even pure css is widely used?

You can build the portfolio for anyone you want - I think a lot of campers do it for themselves but that’s not an obligation at all (especially given the number of times you will come back to it to change it).

You can copy the design visually but not the code. That is, try to obtain the same result, don’t necessarily use the same route. Don’t copy the code ! This way you’ll already learn a lot and will be able to personalize it later.

And for your last two questions, I don’t know and it doesn’t matter because you know enough to jump in with HTML and CSS to create your portfolio.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s built portfolios for themselves.

I think you can copy how it looks like. Just don’t copy the code.

There was a “don’t look at the example code” rule before, so I guess such languages are used in the examples to obscure the code somewhat.